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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Honesty often leads to the other party getting upset.

I'm sick, health's declining. Weak. Shaking. Running a temperature, cold and cough. Asthma prolly coming as well. Then i'm on anti-depressant pills. God..why am i suffering?

Went Mediacorp for meeting yesternight. Wasted my time. Anyway, managed to beg for a slimming/toning session with Biotrim. Haha. Intensive treatment with Bioskin started. I'm gonna peel like a banana again. Even worst this time. Anyway, saw my photo on Classified last Monday? Haha. *hides*

SAF Changi chalet for the next 4 days and 3 nights. 1/7 of my cousins came over last night. And i actually travelled all the way there on my own at 10pm (in the night!!). And Joseph companied me on the phone throughout the journey.

Who is he? The 25 year old bartender is Joseph. And his smses're very disgusting. But he's nice overall. Other than the few times he was mean to me at work.

I'm gonna catch LILYA-4-EVER this weekend with my dirtyboy!! =)

Melly -> what time should i schedule with STRIP on 13th girlie?? hee...i just started on my intensive treatment with Bioskin. Sun-tanning might kill my face..haha..but i still cant wait cant wait!!!

Dine -> I miss my girl too.. =(( when can we meet up??? i want another tai-tais gathering!!