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Friday, December 09, 2005


Exams over. Holidays!

Biotrim was awesome. Tried their toning/slimming programme (for fun of leh!). Was wrapped up and burnt all the way back to school. Yes, the gel was frikkin warm!! I wanna try another slimming program..maybe the contour one next week. *grins*

Rented 40 days and 40 nights after school. Love the show. Haha..damn funny. A little too disgusting for my liking at certain chapters though. Wish dirtyboy was with me watching it..

Had wanted to catch Lilya-4-ever or Pride & Prejudice this sunday with him. But i realised that The Descent is much more bloody and exciting. When'll King Kong be in theatres man!!

Should i party at Zouk with Shawn and Sam later..


Went Marina Square with Pauline and lug 2 huge bag of sanitary pads and CALBEE potato chips back home. O_o It's so damn cheap!! At least 2 months of supply. Not like out so fast. Being a woman is really a waste of money. Parents should be responsible for replenishin the 'stocks'.

I actually tried on contacts for the 1st time at Suntec City. Imagine the fuss i kicked up while havin to put the soft lens in and out of my right eye (i've an lazy-eye). *screams* Traumatised okie!! No more.

Head down to Dbl O with Marcus, Lester, Christie and Yasmeen. Caught up with Crystal and other mates there too. Party animals.. haha. Last night for Christie before she heads back to Australia later in the night. I'm actually gonna see her off..cause i want the JIM BEAM she bought for me! They say bourbon tastes like medicine. Haha.

Didnt drink alot today. Controlled. Wei Hao & Crystal kept wantin to buy me drinks..sheesh. Thanks but no thanks!!

Joseph came along. I was scared outta my wits! But he was nice enough to send me and Marcus home.

I love you dirtyboy. You stole my heart (:

Melly -> hee..sentosa prolly've to be cancelled this sat. I'm peeling like fcuk. No face to go out. But i want to!! its just intensive facial treatment, no oral medication required. =) and the toning session with Biotrim is to get rid of my nasty fats! haha..i have them okie!! yes...STRIP STRIP STRIP!! here we comeeee....................... =))

Peng -> everyone's ill...sigh...take care babe. *hugs*