MMS Friends

Friday, May 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dadee!

50 years old. Definitely worth celebrating. Love you Dadee (: Dinner with babyboy and family..bittersweet feeling missing you.

Blissful having my 2 favourite boys around me. =)

Spent the first part of my afternoon at Faith's place. So sad..couldnt find the show she taped for me. Ended up forwarding and rewinding, forwarding and rewinding....... for an hour or so? Watched all the other irrelevant shows in the end! But yes, thanks for having me over. Felt like it was back to Primary One. *grins*

Hooked on to DEVIL BESIDE YOU. Faith!!! Your fault! Haha. Chapter 12 done. Love the bathroom scene. Ha!

And Faith taught me how to check the IP address! Ok, im not good with technology but its kinda cool knowing u can check on which blardy plague made a silly comment on ur blog.

Sentosa with Peichin tmr! Time to slap on some sunblock and suntann lotion. Dont want my skin to get damaged too much.

Frikkin excited to get my loot from Victoria Secrets. It's here!!

So many things to do. And here i am idling in front of the computer. O_o

Darn, my dream scared the hell outta me. This hot angmoh chic was in bed with me doing all sorts of lesbian-ic stuff. Gees.

. Go . Be . Happy .