MMS Friends

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I can sleep forever. I'm tired. Still tired. Sick. I hate coughin like my lungs're gonna fly out.

And then i still can go walk walk in town after facial at Bioskin. O_o When Dadee picked me up at 5pm, he was like 'are you that tired?'. Oh hell yes.

Spent 6 buckeroos at Kinokuniya. On stickers. Fcuk. But they're really pretty (:

Sigh, made a trip down to Best Denki with parents after dinner, hoping to get my camera shutter fixed. Then i realised it might cost more than what i thought. Sigh, might not be worth it afterall.

Gonna burn my monthly bank statements tmr. Why did i keep them in the first place. Hurhs.

You know those crazy guys who keep asking me out? Not that i want to reject them time after time, but i seriously cannot find a good time to chill and stuff. Please try to understand.

Yes, i'm not that busy. There's time mgmt. But sometimes, i wanna keep myself occupied with myself. So give me some space.

Angele -> thanks for ya concern. haha. -hugs- gotta nurse myself back asap for thurs!! *groans*