MMS Friends

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Blah, spent another day with Peichin & Faith window shopping, sitting down at Macs talking and taking photos. My goodness, prolly when 60 was taken, Faith said 'memory full'. Hahaha.

Now my memory is filled with the both of you (:

Can't wait for my AE parcel!! Its for baybeeboy! Hopefully it fits him. O_o

Peichin -> you needa stock up ur fridge please!! haha..your turn to come over to my place!! Badminton!!

Melly -> yikes, sorry..can't've hollandv auntie or honeypot for the time being. Haha..kinda bare. Anyways, we shld meet soon!! Haha..when dine's free next week lar! Glad u had fun! I was rotting away in spore please?

Jerr -> yupp, seeya tmr. haha O_o