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Friday, June 23, 2006

On cloud - 9 10 11

Baybeeboy joined my family for X-men at The Cathay. Was quite blur during the show, so thank you for explaining in detail to me (:

Its MINDEF family day, so movie tickets were sold at half price to staff (ew, haha). Why in the world'll my family watch a movie in the afternoon?? Haha. After which was dinner near Bugis. I really hate the service there, period.

But the truth is, nothing really matters as long as you are beside me. Even though the mozzies were buzzing around the food. O_o

Anyway, made an appt with Melly at STRIP (they threw in free manicure) next Thursday. Dine, wanna?? Darn, kinda bare. And not much nails for manicure. Why's the promotion ending this month?! Might've to skip it!

Got an assignment with Angele on the 1st week of July. Moolah!! =b Calculated my expenses for this month: $103, exluding transportation. See, im saving. To make up for last month's e-shopping. Gees.

Health. You are what you eat.