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Friday, June 16, 2006

On fire!!

Had dinner at Bugis with babyboy. Bittersweet i would say?

It amuses me. How guys love the arcade so much. But frankly, i never liked the place because of the noise level and the type of 'bengs' i see there. I must say gaming is not my forte. I wonder how guys can be so frikkin good at it?

K.O. (knock out)

You really make me feel like no other..


Its Fathers' Day this weekend. And my parents & sister is coming home tmr afternoon!! Presents!! I so needa start preparing Dadee's card. He loves receiving hand-made cards from us. Ha. Not like Mom, chunk it anywhere in the house. O_o

Melly -> hey girlie, you're back!! time to catch up next week. Sold 2 items and got some moolah!! Yay!! Haha.