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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Absolutely everybody


That got me pissed for 5mins. Thank goodness nothing was deleted.

Ikea sales was good. Got my favourite quilt set at a reduced price. Dined in with Emily sis and Yunhao. Yums! But the place was uber packed with human beings. I hate crowds. Unless they're coming to see me. Haha. Kidding there.

Festival of Praise 06' wasn't too bad. But i'll love it better if Hillsong was the invited group. Delirious next year. =) Had Faith and Jenalyn (with other friends) again this year. And i saw the parachute guys coming down from the helicopter when i was on my way there. Reminded me of airborne class babyboy had to go for when he was serving NS earlier this year.

And so i felt a little wheeny bit of God's pressence there. I'll give myself the benefit of the doubt.

Geylang Lor 15 congee is good!

Sunday spent with babyboy at home. Just reading next to each other on the bed, hugging. Though he whined on wanting to catch the news on teevee. I was You wanna watch news?! Hurhs.

It feels like a rather short week. Holiday's good.

Met up with Jenn after 5 months or so. When u saw me in an emotional mess. A simple meal with you is always good. Except i needa drink alot of water. You know why. Haha.

Counted SingTel Hi! cards for the 6th time. Tmr'll be the last day. Gonna miss the place and job. Haha. Because they've so much goodies in the warehouse!! And lotsa lemon barley for me to sip and Mint Plus for me to chew. O_o

2 more Singtel assignments for this month. After which i wanna start preparing for term seriously.

Anyways, had breakfast with Mom and sisters today. Then wenta walk walk here and there. Mom bought me The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult, a novel i've always wanted to read. It's currently the 3rd book i've read by this author.

Firework display was a spectacular. The view from my place is good enough. But i wish i was there at the stadium soaking up the atmosphere instead. Haha. And yes, it felt extra extra proud to be a Singaporean today. *grins*

Happy 41st Birthday, Singapore!

CJS -> haha, finally smth for u to read!

Liyu -> Sentosa this saturday. I'm gonna slap on tons of sunscreen lotion. Sun is damaging! Haha.