MMS Friends

Friday, August 18, 2006

Choked my optimism

Decided to 'save as draft'. Good for those who managed to read it.

But for now, case close. Won't be lazy and use 1 password for all ever again. Go away if you've a seed of doubt.

Thank you Edward. My Mom's paranoid. She thinks that someone is after me. Gasps.

Woman cheered me up (if there was a need to in the first place). Thanks anyway, i've always enjoyed ur company. I'm sorry to hear that people're mistakening us for a couple. Platonic friendships between people of the opposite sex do exist you know. Haa. I seriously dont know how come we've become such close friends. In just a matter of 3 years! (:

Finished The Tenth Circle, broke the code at the end of the book! Angele, you figured out the theme?

And to Faith, its our 30th time. Haha. Its like seeing you everyday for a month!! You miss me you miss me you miss me!! Grins.

Babyboy is going nutss. O_o

Melly -> sorry babe, had to a clear the mess a friend, apparently, left at my doorstep. next week?

Jas -> no problem. hope u enjoyed urself! (: