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Sunday, August 20, 2006

He likes Tweety Bird

Work at the Indonesia Embassy was crazy. Giving SingTel leaflets in the blazing Sun. Now, i've got a rosy nose. And i've never stink as far as im concerned till today. Ew. Disgusting but true.

Indonesian food is not too bad. Close to Balinese. =)

And of course, 31st time. Faith. Haha. Kisskiss. I dont know why people always assume stuff about my uni.

Babyboy picked me up from home. Dined at Sakae Sushi. I hate counter seats. Gawd, the bento and raman sucks. I don't know what happened to standards!! Then he remembered my Fossil Fuel & i remembered his Phish Food. Haha. I heart b&j's!

He wore the sexy fbt army shorts again. Trying to seduce me. But i like touching ur smooth. Haha. With the shorts on. O_o I like you feeding me bits of meat from your chiken more! *grins*

20th of August marks our yearly anniversary.

Me: how much do u love me?
Him: a lot a lot?
Me: i dont know if thats true but i know 1 thing for sure.
Him: hmm?
Me: i wouldnt've loved you this much if you havent loved me this much before.
Him: smiles. And im telling u i love u much much more now.

xoxo dearie (: