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Friday, September 01, 2006

DT assistant

For the next 3 months, on every Sunday, i'll be stuck at Little India registering SingTel Hi!cards.
But for the good pay, i will perservere. Haa.

I was complaining to May that Sunday is not possible because i meet my boyfriend on that day weekly basis. So she promised to put a cute guy with me.

I went for job briefing today. Haha..not cute but i think decent enough. Nevermind, my boy cute can already. Hahaha.

Then when i told babyboy the bad news, he asked why May never spare a thought for him. Hmm.. =) I also dont know, but seems like we'll've to meet on other days instead. For the next 3 months.

Met babyboy for a short while at Singpost just now. I sorta counted.

10 sentences, 2 kisses, 2 hugs.

Whines. Not enough? Pout.

Was having a lunch date with woman at heartland, met Guixian, Melissa (and family) and Zihui. Haha. PL lites party at kovan?? Haa. But anyways, lunch date became high-tea date. Curses.

Timeless Y!!!! Teases. Haa.

Amanda -> im so irritated by my sisters. but i know i love them as much. =)

CJS -> hugs. haha. call ya soon! i've like $1.80 left for IDD calls. Enuff for a happy birthday greeting! =)

Esta -> heh, thanks for the reminder. haha, i dont want to receive calls asking for phone sex. hahaha!

Angele -> oh man..someone make me that dress please!!! O_o

Melly -> gardens didnt work. but, haha, at least i saw u today!!