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Monday, August 28, 2006

I dont wanna do it anymore

Eliza sis blog post is so so so true. Mom's at Bangkok and everyone is leading their own lives.

Sad but true.

Was working at SingTel Tampines Roadshow over the weekend. Paid $8/hr to register SIM/Hi!cards. But the focal point of the roadshow was to promote broadband subscription so i didnt have ANY biz at all. Went to help Roger with his redemption duty. Sometimes i'll pack the tentage or help give out complimentary mineral water. What i hate is answering questions from the public about our promotion. They (the aunties and uncles) just dont get it. Actually i know how to do broadband registration, but haha, not my jobscope for this roadshow.

Overall, it was tiring doing nothing productive. Surfing the net, taking long lunch breaks, laughing, 'chit-chatting' with customers. But i had fun working. Clocked in 22.5hours . I didnt even sleep that much during those 2 days.

Now im like some regular SingTel roadshow staff. Haa. Jessica, Esther..all very nice. =) Most of all must must must thank May from LnK (Staff Services) for offering me the job! Hope i didnt disappoint anyone!

Babyboy came and fetch me home from work, as bad as my mood may be due to something something, and me throwing tantrums, you still showered me with kisses and hugs. Thank you love. Sigh.

Post script; i didnt open my eyes when we were ****ing, i was smsing when u tried to **** me!!! O_o

Last Friday evening was spent with Liyu babe. Yummy egg tauhui..haha. Seeya soon! Maybe coming Friday can get the rest of the girls to have dinner at Gardens too! How's ur manicure? Haa..ruined i believe. Grins.

After Bioskin it'll be Bugis for timesheet afterwhich is school admin stuff then meeting Peichin & Faith for birthday celebration in town.

I want and need some time for myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haa.

Angele -> the letters...tsk..some were the 'W'. darn..but yay, we got it!! =)

Melly -> hey babe, anytime you're ready, let me know. i've some orders on hand already. Coming friday meet at gardens for dinner???