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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Movie-d with babyboy yesterday. Was good. But the plot felt familiar! =/ And he wore the AE polo i got for him..haha, looked pretty good but kinda short. Is your torso long or i got the size wrong? O_o

Sometimes i know im not wrong and i gotta stick with what i believed in. But when my heart starts ruling over my head, i cannot help but take a step back and end up the one apologising. Its upsetting but i built my happiness on yours 99% of the time.

Yes, i know im a fiercy monster at one time, then huggable the next. I can't help it. You can call that P.M.S. Baby, im sorry. I'll never turn away from you ever again. ='(

To those who know how to hack through my blogpassword, i'd appreciate if you ASK for my permission to use it. Its damn irritating. I know its easy to uncode blogger's protected password but yeah, give me some respect. If not, just bugger off.

Helped Pauline to put her bluetooth headset on YahooAuctions. After 6 months, it was finally sold. Told Pauline this guy was interested and they closed transaction amongest themselves. The fcukken old man just have to rate me Neutral with a comment 'id 10 T'. What the fcuk? Who offended him? I rated him Neutral with the comment 'thankyou for closing deal'. Then after i saw what he rated me, i decided to change it to Bad rating and asked what was the 'id 10 T' for (immed he changed my rating to Bad as well). He's at least 30+ years old and still so childish. I still can't figure out what made him wrote sucha irresponsible and nasty comment. But i promise im not helping anyone sell stuff using my ID ever again. Args. Spoilt my morning. Damn pissed lah. But whatever. Now that my credibility on is down with that stupid rating. Adsurd. Makes no sense. Period.

Then that day i specially opened an AE spree for Pauline so she could share shipping costs with other spreers. She was so indecisive about what she wanna order. Msged me the entire 2 hours asking me for opinion and such, wasted my smses debating with her that i've to close spree by midnight so the discount code will be applicable. Then she kept begging me to order the next day during break and all. Damnit. I'm not only accountable to you girl, im accountable to the other 8 people in my spree! I'm doing you a favour and you're trying to put me in a spot. I swear i'll overcharge you the next time this happens again lar. I dont wanna speak ill of you behind my back because you're the closest i hang out with in school. So when i do get the chance to, i just wanna tell you right in the face how indecisive you are and i so so so can't stand it.

And talking about period, fcuk, its late late late. I'm going ballistic.


The only good thing that happened today was that my new micro hi-fi set with USB port arrived! Its really pretty (:

Feels really lonely to be home alone on a Saturday...tons of revision to get on with but im distracted to the max...

I'm surprised im not holding back when blogging this post. Im finally....honest..with myself. =/

Melly -> haha, so didya manage to collect ur jeans from uncle? haha..what bag??!!!

Angele -> that was the only presentable picture actually. hahaha. =b mygod, i cant believe i survived 4hours of 90%-chinese-songs. *faints* hahahahaha.