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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

no pun in ten did

Krispy Kreme flown in from HK by Shu was great. Maybe not that krispy anymore but we have fun passing the donuts around. Tirene, Tisha, Luke, Chris and myself. Awesome sunday supper! (:

Anyhows, my precious hp dropped into Parkmall toiletbowl. Double eww. Managed to revive it today but the screen is a goner. =( Looks like i'll've to shop for a new hp soon. Mum kept telling me to choose a $0 hp when she just passed me a '$60 off all mobile phone voucher' earlier this month. Haha.

No more grumpy days!!!!!

Melly -> hahaha. you and ur bag-craze. cheryl bought me 3 belts from SUPRE!! hahahahaha. cant wait to see it. poor. cant wait for pay to be in next month. seeya next thurs. we go bug the uncle together if you still havent gotten it k! (:

Angele -> hahaha. yes..damn aggitated then. now im alright already! (: seeya in class..anyway, it was mr bonbon's last accounting class with us today. aww...!! =(