MMS Friends

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Tuesday was partyworld with Pauline, Angele, JunJun and Jerrome. Though i was a bit moody and grumpy, i did enjoy myself with all the ABBA and Theresa songs. haha. Totally old number. But better than them, forever singing chinese and Jay songs. O_o
Towned with Melly yesterevening. Chiken rice for dinner, shopping at Fareast and Spotlight. I'm inspired to make my own obi belt. Haha. Textile shopping soon!!! The picture above-we were experimentaling with shuttle speed. Lousy take though. Too bad Sheryldine couldnt join us AGAIN. That girl haha.
So what have i been busy with? Trying to focus for coming exams, pretty aimless. =/
Waiting for my Krispy Kreme from Shuming. *skips around*
'Step Up' tmr with babylove! (:
Darn, damn lazy to bake the brownie i promised Pauline.