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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Junkfood day

It was handpacked ben&jerry's at raffles city mall. A whole pint of it, i gave up after half a pint. haha. thankyou to eliza sis whom made my $10.20, overly worth it. yums! I had cookies, dough and dublin all mashed together! whoopers.

Forgot to take more pics of the food Zihui and i had at NYNY today. But it was pretty satisfying. Haha. Great day out with my lovely girl. =) more updates soon. dont wanna digress for this food entry. hoho!
Pizza Hut's Merry Feast for supper, proudly sponsored by dadee. Fatness!! Ok. I'm gonna throw up then continue with this entry. O_o

too much, just too much!!