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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Red & Green;

gonna be great colours for year 2007.

having $10.20 worth of b&j's while on this post. yummy. can't stop.

and in a flash, Faith is back from her 12 days China trip.

Mum's landing in a couple of hours from China too. everyone's in time for some christmas gathering! (:

also dunno what i've i been busy with for these 13 days. but def not as productive as Faith or my Mum. O_o

embarked on a huge project for ________ just yesterday. can't blog about it till end of the year. if not it wont be a ______ already. haa. really time-consuming. but im loving every minute of it. only thing was that i shld've stuck to dark colours instead of light colours. makes such a huge difference. grr..! sometimes, getting a proper _______ can be so much easier. alright, enough of blanks.

so anyways, the date with Zihui dearie finally turned into reality. haha. dined at NewYorkNewYork-indulged in the greatest sin of all centuries. calories!! O_o then it was more than 2hours spent at MadewithLove. Saw Aurelia there too!!! (: We managed to soak in some fabulous ideas. Hoho! Looks like we won't be meeting for a nong nong time till after A's because this babe will be mugging like there's no tmr for the examination next year. Haha. Love ya lots la k! (: and thanks for having me over ya place!

havent been spending much time with babylove. not that i dont want to. but i also dunno what the heck am i thinking about. ohwells, seeya soon darling! (:

Gracie -> hahahahaha. my poor hamster lives alot. no signs of horniness though. muahaha. im good. hols're ending and it'll be back to school soon!! (:

Zihui - rah. ur mudpie and ice-cream more sinful then my potato salad! oh crap, needa lose weight soon. im seeing a tummy. haha.