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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eliza sis sprained her ankle (again)

That's the bubble tower thingy. Kindly sponsored by Shu's birthday "door-gift". Haa. Wah, i remembered spending a whole lot of my allowance on these crazy gooey bubble when i was little.

Me and lil sister in town after older sis' birthday dinner on New Year. We hit town 3 days in a row. Absolutely crazy. And i tried hard not to spend.

Emily sis is 22 now. That actually just widened our age gap. Haa. Can't wait to be 21 actually.

Oh darn, i actually dreamt that i gave birth to a baby yesternight. Freaky but yes, i was actually beaming with joy! How cute!! Oh wells, having kids might not be a bad idea afterall.

So, my last AmericaEagle parcel arrived today. After clearing the Sandalsworld spree next week, i'll be spree-debt-free! (:

After this month, my contract with Bioskin will end officially. 1 year has been quite a torture. Other than the ocassional gossip sessions with my therapists.

Especially when i dont see an improvement in my skin condition. My bod's full of toxic. Whines O_o

I've accepted a (my 1st) private tuition deal for this primary 1 and primary 2 siblings. Really not sure if i can cope. But for extra allowance, i shall take up the challenge!

Sem starts tmr. Sigh. Im really not prepared for exams this year.

What a random post. Well, just something for you to read. Judging by the counter. Hurh.

Well, seeya tmr Melly! (: