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Saturday, January 06, 2007

A role model

Yesterday after marketing class, Pauline was unlucky enough to be 'blessed' by some bird shit. After cleaning her collar and hair for her, i asked how she know about it. She said she heard the birds chirping. Haha. Omg.

My mum just forced me to shower. Damnit. I cant even choose the time i wanna shower. I know bathing late in the night aint good but sometimes it cant be helped what!!

Anyhows, dinner with Melly last night was good. Haha, felt damn happy knowing the ae shorts fit her! I've just opened another ae spree..for my lil sister. Do check out sgspree if u want.

I smell dinner... *sniffs*

My first time. Giving tuition to a primary 1 girl from PLMGPS and a primary 2 boy from Maris Stella. They're siblings. 3hours passed pretty fast and their mum keep serving me drinks. Damn was it scary. Taught the brother english, must say his command of english is really not bad! As for the sister, we interacted much more. She's cute! Math was easy to coach, english was more about effective communication. Shit man I survived my first tuition assignment! (: Muahaha.

Gonna be surviving on tuition and singtel roadshows for extra allowance. If only i was born uber uber rich. K, can go daydream now.