MMS Friends

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Dad's biz is in trouble. My perception.

And i dont like the fact that i dont really wanna help him. Because. We all have a choice.

I'm trying my hardest to cope with school. I really am. But i just feel that im going down down down.

My heart is heavy, and my shoulder is burdened.

Courtship is not going well, even more it gets the chance to start. I'm erasing you off my memory and every other tangible connections.

I dont wanna go on, please understand.

My business with a close friend, i can hardly contain the anxiety im feeling. Money is involved here. Right now, i just want to leave the bank account untouched till end of May.

Nothing to do with you. Its a personal decision.

I just wanna run back to God and cry my eyes out. Prayer request: i need to find back my strength. Im wearing out. Fast.