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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Moving to the Grooving

Finally got a day off books, just lazing around. Got woken up by Woman, went down to his place for some Dunkin Donuts. OMG, he sponsored me a life-supply of them. Haha. Aint the packaging cute! Yes, specially brought back from Thailand, with love (: Appreciated!!

Was free-flow at Double O last night before Zouk. Omg, i keep losing the blardy game.

Drink, drank, drunk.

Mambo was way cool. I love it! Instead of laughing that those dancers on the platform, i dilligently tried to copy their moves. Fun!!! Okie lar, by the time im already so high from all the drinks so i was dancing non-stop for at least 2 hours. Phuture was so packed!

Said hi to the bouncers, to the familiar crew, my boss Oliver. Wow. Zouk, i miss you!!!

Awesome night! Our clubbing-date finally came true, Peichin! Love your company (ur sister and friend) too! We should do it again.

It was truly a Ladies Night!

Dbl O tonight? O_o

Other than my cigar-smelling hair, i think its high time to get my blardy messy hair rebonded. I get jealous when i see girls with healthy/rebonded hair. Bugger.