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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mr Bombastic

Sakae 2005

Mac 2006

Pull & Bear shorts (plaidpink&green-so me!! haha)

Pauline-totally stoned in accounting class today. Ha!
I bought 5 pairs of shorts within 6 days. Haha. View stats below:
3 from Topshop
1 from Pull&Bear
1 from Mango
Went Vivo with Peichin today. Pics were either blur or fugly so i've decided to share some of the really old pics of us (:
Faith was missed (hope you're reading this dear)!
Vivomart was awesome. We're the supermarketgirls. And she totally knows my taste for clothes. Haa. *grins*
I hate the stuff u do to ur nails la. Gees :b
Bumped into the birthday girl, Charlene!! Heh. Happy 21st doll!
And the reason why i've been studying hard and shopping even harder is because im not gonna shop for the month of April. Its a personal vow. Haa. Wish me luck. Im determined k! Esp when exams're less than 40 days away.
Melly did it, so can i! Yess yess.
I'm stressed out. I dont show it of course. Its hard.
Studied for 8 hours with Jun Jun yesterday. National library (i like!!) then airport. I keep getting this image of words evaporating from everyone's brain. Chokes me to death. O_o
Got 3 marketing essays to submit tmr. Hades.
Zihui -> just keep me in your prayer. hope everything's good on ya side too doll (: *hugs*
Melly -> its my turn in approximately 2 days. Dine's back from cruise. Haa.