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Monday, April 02, 2007

All kinds of storm

As recommended by Shu, i wenta Twister by Monsoon with Mum after breaksfast yesterday. Prior to the visit, i've already told my sisters to try them.

Busted $100+ on treatment and trimming of dead ends. Well of course Mum paid for it (:
Total combined bill was $250. Nice.

I wanted Wendy for my hairstylist, but she was busy then and we couldnt wait, so ended up with Allan. Sigh, dont really like him. He keeps speaking chinese to me. I had to process whatever he said and then reply in English. Burnt most of my brain cells by then.

So, i've nice treatment-ed hair now. Haa. Next, i wanna rebond them. Then i can french plait to school daily!! (:

Shopping at Suntec. Got abit tempermental because i was tired. And didnt get any work done for the day. Grouchy. Went home for dinner and got some work done but not alot. I didnt buy anything though Mum offered to get me a new watch. So first day was successful (:

I cant figure out the Lucas Model!!

American Next Top Model is awesome. I'm already hating Montique. Yucks.

Happy April Fool (so yesterday) !

Peichin -> we always look loving (: unless u bark at me. O_o

Melly -> i dunno whether i shld keep the shorts cause EUR34 is kinda slipping off my hips!! =( i miss long hair days. I want it get it back! Haa.

Naz -> well, at least i've confidence in my own taste! Don't be jealous :b

Duckied -> that was more than 1 year ago leh..haha. My hair's a disaster. Omg, you tell the future? haha.