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Friday, April 27, 2007

Guns & Roses

I think its my 5th piece from hervelvetvase. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! *grins*

Gotta stay focused. Realised im not allowed to fail my core units. But.....managerial econs is really killing me!

Marketing -> brain orgasm
Accounting -> headache
Macroeconomics -> migraine
Managerial Economics -> brain tumor

Call me if you dont get the picture.


Aside: darn excited to catch up with college clique at Indran/Amy's 21st dinner tmr. Posh italian restaurant might not be my cup of tea but yea, will do (: Dressing up is fun, i think.

Naz -> feeling aporetic over my 'tasteless taste' or the rag-and-bone luggage? it costs $500 in case you wanna know! (: time piece, not everyone can appreciate my acquired taste.