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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I actually spent $42.90 at H.M.V. today. Say no to piracy! (:

Was rather interactive muggin with JJ today. I covered all the "human theory": - Solow, Friedman, Fisher, Ricardo, etc.


Went to walk walk after that..realised i want so many things..a quality basket bag (the one from Warehouse's pretty!), new swimsuit, nice red bag (i dont mind the Gucci signature canvas tote), and the list goes on..

Stupid shit, i shld stop spending, please!!

Stress' taking a toll on me. I'm trying not to rely on my "heart" medication. But my heart pulsates (?!) like there's no tmr.

Was cool bumping into Shu at Cityhall (: Been some time since i last saw you! We shld all go HollandV chill out after my exams. Are we still planning on a weekend getaway? Haa. Gees.

To end it off, i think the romper at Topshop is uber cute, i mean look at the colours! *grins*

Naz -> your poison is my meat (: