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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shopping on Calories

There was this flying roach in our study room yesternight. I totally pee-ed on my pants, gave up running around and wenta bed O_o

No-shopping-for-the-month-of-April : Day 2 - Successful

Melly -> haha, Mum wanted to go out with us too! Actually i feel very bad spending my parents' money. i think they're getting quite poor. ='( So i better work and spend my own moolah.
The p&b shorts, how to gain weight?! I eat alot already! haha.
I like the hair treatment, but my hair's like naturally frizzy since puberty. gross. cant wait for it to grow longer!! then i can tie it up and wack people with my ponytail too. HAHA!
And the way we communicated with the bushes in our way yesterevening was so funny pls! I think the passerbys thought i was talking to the bush! Gees. No more pls! and i still cant figure out how u spotted me, thank goodness i heard ya :b
Anyhows i've been working hard on the biz last week, so its your turn to take out some time amist our busy schedule to finish the last 4 loot. If not we might needa absorb the cost and the longer we take to sell them off, the longer you'll've to wait for ur 'pay'. Haha. we have to work for the money, so good luck! (: