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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Superdog; upsized

Handicapped without my n73. Sent it for servicing, won't be ready till Sunday afternoon. O_o

Using my old hp, i've 2 handset actually, and both held memories. Read the old msges, viewed the old photos taken..

So, everything (ie. data) will be wiped out while Nokiacarecentre updates my software and installs a sms accelerator for me. Please sms me your number after Sunday night if you can.

Accepted the PC fair job from next thurs-sun. Pauline's working with me. Yay! (:

Walked around town till it was time to meet the girls. Enjoyed my own company, pretzels, shopping, busted $100 at Tannlines (can never thankyou enough Linderr for the membership card). Haha. New set of bikini, new clothes.

Tempted to get the NUM $220 bandeau bikini.

Spent a hell lot of time at orchard library, browsing through scrapbook-related stuff, and adobe photoshop know-how. Then lugged the books all over town.

You know what, i kinda like shopping on my own, i like spending time with myself, though nobody gives me any opinion! (:

6pm, vivocity, some Melly.Shanice.Sheryldine loving session. *grins* Bought my sapphire hamster and poor baby had to travel around with me for 3 whole hours =/ Hope it'll be settled in sometime soon, its so cuddley!! Even Mum said its a cute hamster. Haha. Promise i wont neglect Moosey.

More pics with updates on how out day went by once i get the pics from Dine.

No n73=no photos.

Peace out.