MMS Friends

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I saw the birds eating the offerings on my way home.
I thought it was meant to be food for the dead???!!!

So anyways, busy day for me. Running errands, handling my online-business and watching Princess Hours.

Only time i get to rest is when im on the bus; i'll read Shu's Solitare Mystery.

Since im on antibiotics and some cough/flu medicine, i feel the urge to lie down along the side of the road while walking home. O_o

I keep thinking of all the funny conversations i had with friends on MSN. Godamnit. HAHA. Certain friends can really make me laugh in front of the computer at 2am. Like a silly pig.

Busted alot at Madewithlove yesterday. Peichin and I spent close to 2 hours there, discussing our big birthday project for Faith.

Faith, if you're reading this, i dont think its a surprise anymore. But i certainly hope when u get it on June 19th from your parents who's gg over, you'll be even more surprised (:

Will be working for Singtel at PC show from this thurday to sunday. Mending the drawdip, visit me please!!! i believe its gonna be a hectic job. *pouts*