MMS Friends

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I've fatty arms in the latest pics =(
Fished out some really old piccas of MSS too (:
We lingered in f21's changing room for a long time that day. Haha.

They always say that 3's a crowd, i beg to differ!
Our next gathering will be a sleepover (hopefully), with lots of food and dramas to watch. Liyu too!! If you can make time for it. Haha.
Faith -> it was good hearing your voice yesterday. Chirpy conversation we had!! (: PC show is gonna be darn hectic and tiring, i can feel it already. Cheers to May!! (:
Lil' sis -> yes, scrapbook class in june. can hardly contain my excitment! haa.
Duckied -> seeya on friday evening, will bring the skinnies for u (:
Sheryldine -> next time, i'll remb my camera. HAHAHA! date me soon!