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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Haji Lane

A day out with Woman and Edward at Bugis (:

While waitin for Ed, woman entertained himself with the tennis game at some store in Bugis shopping mall. Got him sweating, unbelievable please.

Nothing much at Bugis Village.

DeToast's Pasta&Toast was not too bad, considering its $4.50 only.
Shop shop shop, bought the gathered neck vest in white from TOPSHOP. I can hardly believe my eyes when i saw size 6. I grabbed and bought it immed without trying. Oh gosh, i want it in black and electric blue! Its considered cheap so yes, gonna hunt for it again.
Bummed into hot babe Peiling. We discovered each other's LJ identity. Haa.
Shopping at Haji Lane got me all tired. The wheeny shop houses, with super expensive clothes. Only 1 caught my eyes but damn, a lady was trying it. And that electric blue clutchbag, spells gorgeous!
Head for dinner at Haji Lane (chilled at Pitchblack for a while), afterwhich Shu joined us shortly (:
Shocking news of ____ 'dating' _____. O_o
Edward actually offered to pay for dinner, am rather surprised-shocked. But nonetheless, i paid for my own share. Hurh, no such thing as free lunch sometimes :P
Witnessed some policemen catching a snake hiding beneath a car. Eh?
Agent called me to work at Changi Airport for Singtel from 13-17th June. Good money, easy job, why not. Beats working at the office from 9am-5pm.
Very tired. Been brushing alot of matters aside. Tmr's another busy day, Peichin's coming over to continue with the big project and Zouk at night if we're up to it. Poor babe is falling sick!
Queenie -> eh, who're you and how did u find your way to advertise on my blog?! thank goodness i dontve a tag board. haha. if not will be flooded by adverts all the time.
Melly -> please make it for cafedelmar this sat. i rescheduled tuition just for it leh!! =( crown tunic is love! (: haha.
Duckied -> was good seeing you after sometime at the PC Show. thanks for coming down! darn, sometimes i cant be bothered to figure out things, keeping myself busy is goood!
Naz -> spell cast? hahaha. gross! *grins*
Peichin -> cant wait for you to see my part. am very proud of it. but i spent quite a bit on mines *groans* cant wait for pay to be in..seeya later!