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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Lil' Britain

Express shopping from 11-1pm at vivocity. Didnt find the top at TOPSHOP but i got this Royal Blue dress from F21 instead. Couldnt find XS for the MNG dress im lusting for either.
Woman came over with lunch at 3pm yesterday. Waited till i fell asleep. HAHA.
Peichin walked in a little while later to do the gift with me. Totally no inspiration yesterday. So we completed 1 page after 2 hours.
Meanwhile, woman self-entertained himself with videoclips of Little Britain. Totally gay-rated. Couldnt bring myself to watch this kinda PORN. O_o Its almost ridiculously embarassing to watch! But ya, wheelchairbound guys is frikkin funny! *grins*
Zouk after dinner. We headed in early and people-watched. Woman was a goner by 11pm. Alot of hot babes with uber hot bods around. Saw komui, eve, angie on the dancefloor.
Moosik wasnt as good as expected.
Caught up with Vincent and Weihao (zouk colleagues). Bummed into Diana and Suz. And then it was Oliver and Benny the cutie!! OMG. He's my eye-candy, greatest boss in zouk. HAHA. The irritating Oliver was acting funny when he saw me. Nice guy, might ask him to let me work when the no-smoking-at-club rule kicks in (: I realised most of the staff are guys now.
Got real sleepy, head home at 3am. Woke up 2pm this morning. Its almost 4pm now, gonna shower and get busy.
Most likely im gonna hold my 21st at Coconut Grove. Guests list shld be out in a week or so. Nobody's giving any comment except for Melly though my counter is jumping fast. Weirdos.
Melly -> thanks! hahaha. considering every single point. seeya on sat at cafedelmar! (: im gtalking with u at the moment. HAHA.
Naz -> funny. haha.