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Monday, June 04, 2007

PC Show 2007

It sucks, period.

The food sponsored was bad.
Fried rice with different ingredients for lunch, DAILY.
Different types of noodles with different ingredients for dinner, DAILY.
PS: lack of veggies, irregular diet timings, bowel movement gone abit haywired.

My job was to take care of the SingNet Lucky Dip booth with Mei Hui. Awesome job which i get to slack, other than today, there was actually a queue and we worked non-stop. Very tiring since we stand the entire day as compared to the rest who gets to sit and register the customers.

Pay wise, not bad of course. $400ish for 4 days. Haha. My agent is the best! (:
As you can tell, im trying my best to earn lotsa moolah.

Saw a couple of familiar faces; Wei Siong, Shuyun, Bi Jie, Wei Jie, Xiu, Ashiq..

A whole series of events happened. I'm not sure if i want to share them..but, im really disappointed. With myself too perhaps. Yes, im upset with myself.

Don't ask me.

I'm so tired. My feet hurts. Mind's in a twirl. I needa good rest.

Angele -> im totally into shrek's ears man. I wear it out. Haha, esp when im at Macs :P by the time u read this, exams shld be over for ya?? (:

Peichin -> eh, actually makes more sense to come over to my place. haha, so wed u come over ya?? i havent touched the book for 4 days, busy with work. yay, ZOUK this wed!! oh yes, mambo anyone??