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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Back from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong is so polluted. But its exactly like Singapore, their train and bus system. Except more people.

It was frikkin hot over there. 33 degrees everyday, not humid though.

Aircon vent on those ugly and old buildings that dripped water 24/7, raining down on my head everywhere i go. ew.

Roadside newspaper stand sells gay mags and a lot of soft porn/porn mags.

My hotel has two 30secs preview of "adult entertainment" daily. Woah, watching porn on teevee was cheesy and funny. HAHA.

Megamalls were very much like Singapore. Street malls were the best!

I walked a few km a day, Nathan Road was frikkin long but i refused the MTR. Covered all the tourist attractions in 4 days!

Central MTR is so big, there're even 6 computers with internet connection.

Pacific Coffee Company is a common sight everywhere, we had Starbucks every morning (:

Dim Sum was uber cheap, love their congee and wanton noodle.

I couldnt understand Canton, which was prolly the worst part of the trip. Thank goodness Mum could speak.

H&M was awesome. Holy mack, i got a chance to shop there even before they've a branch in Singapore. Thats a big deal ok. HAHA. Spent an hour there trying clothes on day 3. Very impressed they've lotsa small sizings on the rack. Its very affordable too. Haha. Size 32 is a plenty!!!! (: Most of the moolah was busted over there.

Basically, i enjoyed my trip there. But because its so much like Singapore, i think im better off at Bali or Bangkok.

3 dozens of Krispy Kreme donuts bought. If you're interested, make a trip to my place before its all gone. Faith was my first visitor, in turn she bought Meatball Soup for me (:

Enjoy the pics ya!