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Monday, July 09, 2007

Bee Otch

Caught Transformers with Liyu dear at The Grand Cathay this afternoon. I love it!!! (:

Wenta MadeWithLove. Scrapbooking is love! Someone buy me this and get international shipping can?? Haha.

Flabelos by OTO.
Shaking my shorts. Not my fats. HAHA.

SAJC college day was a tad too long. 230+ prize awards given out.
It ended with a bang though.
Gosh, all the cute lil' boys.
I saw Maurice's brother, what an achiever!
Well, my sister got colours award for Track & Field.
Nothing to be surprised about, i think.

Just finished packing my luggage for tmr. Taking off to Hong Kong at 8am tmr.
I'll be back with losta Krispy Kreme.
Till then (:

Duckied -> damn the camp!! :(

Melly -> aint kiddy at all!! haha, LR is so funny please. addicted :P I like the sound of them joining back together. hoho!

XJ -> what a lovely dress hor. i also dunno whats the chest part all about, BUT i know the prints are gorgeoussss (: