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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My 21st birthday

Thank you everyone for making an effort to celebrate my 21st birthday at Coconut Grove (:

I apologise for being sucha bad host!

Had a lot of fun reading all the 26 birthday cards. Some made me cry, was heart-warming. Some made me burst out laughing like a witch. HAHA.

Without your presence, im sure i wouldn't have a memorable party. So, thankyou to all (:


Thank you:

God - for your endless blessings and love

my parents - for the 2.8kg LANA cake, party, bringing me up, unconditional love and attention (*ah-hem* and money)

my siblings - for loving me, being my photographer for the night, vouchers, cards, all the endless preparations.

Godma & Godbro - for coming down to join me in this joyous occasion. red packets too! I love you mama! And godbro, next is your wedding in October!

Yunhao - for the vouchers and thoughtful card which was indeed very messy. haha.

Cousins - for coming down and celebrating with me, sorry i wasnt much of a host. thank your parents for the red packets k!

Faith & family - coming the earliest and leaving the last. thanks for entertaining my guest, your parents meatball soup, mini celebration at midnight over at your place, sentosa today, scrapbook class sponsored by ur mum, daddy's lunch today..the list goes on..thanks for everything! FYI: she's my oldest friend..since primary one!

Peichin - for the gift and stopping by even though you had a flight to beijing, you know i appreciate it, spider 2. HAHA.

Jenalyn & Weiqi - for the card, pretty gift set and taking pics for me. its so pretty!!!! im still gushing abt it right now. haha.

Jennifer - thank you for coming down..its good just seeing you around. i think your card touched me the most. i gotta read it again. haha. and that fella inside the card-box?! O_o

Zihui - hey beautiful, thanks for getting me what i want; Freakonomics, scrapbook stamp-pad, taokainoi and making the card (what u wrote touched me too). im really happy you came though it was your sister's bday as well. you know our friendship is more than just a hug. *hugs tight*

Melly/Esther/Sheryldine/Liyu -> for the fat red packet and awfully chocolate cake. my dears, i love you all so much!!! Esta the one we all missed, Dine who came late but the surprise made up for it! the cake, photo session at the carpark with the unparked car (haha), i can never imagine life without u girls! *grp hug* sinyin, we miss you! Melly, chris says you're pretty and slim now, he wants to date you (: you're not all. you're gorgeous, you're my wonderful friend!

Chris - for burning the CDs, moose the horny, vouchers and handmade card. WOMAN!!! haha. a01 have some really sick people. look at Gary's below.

Edward - for the vouchers and the personalised can which i dunno what's inside and the handmade card. thanks for attempting to make me something on my birthday every year, much appreciated!

Tirene - for the vouchers and dropping by though you had a date with mr-motorcycle guy. haha.

Sashi - for coming by and the bag. sorry we didnt really get the chance to catch up. =/

Rushdy - for the card, thank you for entertaining my guest too. you saved me!! im your ah-bung k!! not sister!!

Luke - for the vouchers, your card is really cute..i love it!!!! hahaha. you can do art and craft!

Gary & Angeline - for the vouchers and what a lovely card with some msia coins on it! O_o for the record, my butt DID NOT rub against ur groin during the photo taking session. oh gees, what u exclaimed was uber disturbing! luke, counselling please!!

Shuming - for dropping by even though u had an appointment for the evening. i love the CoH photo on the card you made me. you take great pictures! catch up soooooon!

Indran & Komui - thank you for the card..was heart-warming. sorry for not being able to entertain you guys :(

Grace & Jasmine - yay! u girls made it. haha. how can my xcrush not come right! thanks for the card and donut. gees, unglam pics. delete away can!!

Pamela/Angele/Jerrome - thanks for the cards, little lamb, red packet and novel. OMG, i love the author Angele, great choice of book because i have yet to read it. thank you so so so much for gracing this occasion my dears!

Gerard - for the card and GUESS watch (i love it please!) and for putting up with me being a bad host. i hope my sister, faith & edward entertained you while i was busy. you make my abs strong every sunday at work. HAHA.

June & husband - for the gift and coming by after work. hope ur kids will like the chocolates sponsored by my aunt!

Kimmy - for coming by the correct day this time and sparing me a few hours of your saturday. thanks for the card. your penmanship hasnt improved. haha. stop complaining abt ur hair la!

Yaosheng & Yanting - for the bag and merlot. Yummy stuff! haha. sorry if there wasnt much food left by the time you arrive.

Weihao & girlfriend - for dropping by though you've 3 other parties to attend. for the wonderfully chosen wine and a dozen donuts. for helping me out when i ran into problems while working at zouk last year. you're sucha friend!

A big thank you to the rest of you who couldnt make it and those who smsed me today, your well-wishes etc. I love you all!

Will upload the pics soon (:

Turning 21 comes with responsibilities..