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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mambo Night

Faith and Amber having fun taking pictures with me and Jun Yong. Photographer was Woman. I'm speechless!!!
This is kinda embarrassing.
We were wasted. But im a survivor (: Sober enough to talk to Benny and Oliver boss. Benny is so cute i wanna marry him!!! *gush gush gush*
And there was this cute guy in red cap (whom i thought was Mitchell), said hi to me, touched my head, tried to snatch my drink away playfully.. Then i realised it wasnt him when i msged Mitchell. O_o
Mistaken identity at dark places. Children shld keep off such grounds.
What else. 2 guys tried to talk to me/us, make me drink Corona. HELLO. Get your flirty hands off me?!
He keeps saying im young, and he's old. And that i should study hard.
WHAT?!?! We're at zouk, for bitch's sake!
Talked to Wei Hao when i felt more sober..glad he liked the polo shirt i bought for his birthday (:
Hang over. Washing-machine stomach and my head weighs a ton!!
Panadol saved my life at 7am.
Working at COMEX 2007 thursday till sunday. Visit me at singtel wireless@SG when you can cause i'm gonna be so bored!!