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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Numb Thing

They told me they wanna find a boyfriend and fall in love.
I laughed at what they said.
They told me they wanna get married, have kids.
I laughed again.

Now, I'm wonderin which is more fortunate; a lady who has fallen in love before or a lady who has never been in a relationship before.
To be dreaming of finding a lover or, to reminisce the love you once shared with your lover.

Singtel work today at Golden Mile Complex was awesome. Birthday cake, desserts, wine - on the house! It's always good having a celebrity around. Haha. Work was relaxing and the guys're such gentlemen(s). I never ever wanna return to Serangoon Plaza.

Lunch was the famous 'cha kway teow' at Beach Road. Yummy! (: But seriously, goldenmilecomplex smells weird O_o

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