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Monday, August 13, 2007

NTU welcome week 2007

I love my job (:

Getting freshman to sign up for free SingTel wireless@SG, issue them a free SB movie voucher.

$9/hr, i've so much passion for my job!

Except, i dont really like travelling to NTU. Thankfully its until Friday and i've Angele and Jacin for company.

That place is overpopulated i swear. And the building look like factories to me.

McDonalds' cheap. Guess what did i order today? :b

My Campus Supports Free Speech!

Pss...almost done with Jodi's Nineteen Minutes. Sets me thinking, im definitely taking my time with this novel. Afterwhich, i wanna get started with Freakonomics!

Naz -> ooo....UO is love! except no more XS for this already :(