MMS Friends

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Ying Yang Dao

Wireless @ SG job with Angele today. This NTU digital event at SCAPEcine was truly miserable. Hardly any crowd. Think some tenants of the flea-stalls were really unhappy with sales. For us, we just sat there to read our notes and use the internet. Basically, SingTel was the main sponsor and we represented them. Shopped around during the job, listen to moosik, watch the stage performance (performing for audience made up of .. erm .. us).

ThePoliceForce were also exhibiting at the other tentage. So we head over to pet their police dog now and then. Cute!! (:

The monetary perks, shopping pleasure and company will keep me sane for another day.

Had lunch with Jen, Faith and Amber on Friday at Pizza Hut. Everyone took out 2 hours of their precious time to sit down for a meal. Was pretty heart-warming (: Esp when we're from different universities and dont meet up that often as a group.

Angele -> i havent touched that sports for 2 years. HAHA. looking fwd to play with you though! (:

Naz -> hahaha. you sicko!!

Jer-> what are you talking about?!?!?! better behave! else the monitress will report you to teacher. Ha!