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Thursday, September 27, 2007

-60 sucidal points

Tuition didnt go too well. My incompetence or was it the tutee..

I explained the same math question to her 10 times, in every different way. Blah, she still didnt get it.

I told myself she's tired after a long day at school, cant focus that much. You know, console myself. But maybe, just maybe..she's not as intelligent as her brother.

Quite discouraging. DRAINED off all my energy.

Went jogging with lil' sis. My stamina's improving! (: And i heard the toads singing when we jogged past a mini forest behind our neighbourhood.

I'm currently very keen on selling some cards i've designed on LJ. And when i find some fabulous patterned cloths, i'll design/sew pouches and put it on sale. Godma volunteered to teach me the art of using a traditional sewing machine. How cool is that (:
Animal prints..floral prints...ahhhh!!!

Researchers create frogs with transparent skin to observe their organs without dissections..