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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

$88 per barrel?!

Which means inflation and consumer prices might rise in Singapore. If US currency gets weaker, im gonna get more stuff from USA. Online shopping becomes a smarter option than doing the real-thing in Orchard (:

Cheryl's returning in a week's time and im excited to get my SUPRE stuff from her!

Had a uber disturbing (for lack of better word) dream..being back with ex girlfriend and such. Like 'HUH' right? haha. Woke up to a weird feeling.

The weather has been dark and gloomy these days. Doesnt really reflect my mood but its nice staying in.

My addiction for scrapping cards (all kinda occassions) is getting stronger.
So is the hole in my pocket.
Thailand has been confirmed with evening departure on 11th December. Will be staying at the tallest tower hotel in the heart of Bangkok. How cool is that! (:

Naz -> hahaha and i presume you're not coming because of that right.

Melly -> yeah, it does suck :( but im sure me you and dine will be meeting up REALLY soon *grins*