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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Excuse me, I'm VIP

I like it how i dont look too short in this photo.

Had a cold yesterday.
Headache today.
Shoulder's aching, head's aching, boobs're aching too.
Falling sick..and it might be the stress or weather factor.

Saw a new Ripcurl bikini ($79) which i fell in love with. A pity i couldnt fit into the smallest avail size :(

I discovered my love for GG<5 too. Those pin-tucked details..woah. Price sucked though.

Wenta Maxwell for early breakfast with Mum and lil' sister.
Headed for chinatown, arab street and haji lane.
Wrong day to shop at 2 of the places because of public holidays.
Wanted to source for vintage rattan luggage/pinic bags. Disappointment.
And i couldnt locate the rubberstamp/scrapbook store at Chinatown :(

Tuition is finally coming to an end this month..boy scored well for his exams. Yay.
The girl is showing signs of improvement.
Oh Lord, grant me the patience to deal with these 2 kiddos.

3 thick essential text lie on my table..

Jerr -> dunno what you're talking better go paint wall with your girlfriend. haha.