MMS Friends

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Friendship Theory

Yesterday, Pamela came down to school, spent a couple of minutes with me and Saedah catching up (: missing that girl!!!!!

How true, when i let 1 unworthy friend go, 10 other better ones come along the way.
That card was handmade for her. Spend an hour on it. Did i mention my love for floral prints? (:

Sunday 6pm marked the end of our job (to slack).

Watched 200 pounds of beauty and I pronounce you Chuck and Larry. And i read through some socio psy notes (: While being paid $171 for two days.
Oh yes...Daddy has a new lorry for the company!! And i think it smells super sexy (: After some time, it'll smell like beancurd. Eew.
Grandma is back home last weekend. Recovering i suppose.
Godma's birthday this week. I'm more excited about the celebrations. She's more grandmotherly than my real granny (:
I've a million and two things planned for December holidays. Study..all the dates..violin practices..packing of my unkempt study table and wardrobe..clear/sort out my folders/ holiday..

Jerr -> hoho!

Duckied -> sometimes nothing nice to bring in leh. haha.

Naz -> free for a year. Subsequent years, membership will be payable :b