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Friday, October 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, mama!

Had dinner at Godma's place yesterday. Celebrated her 67th (:

Picked up Fudge Madness by emicakes for her. Holy mack, its surely sinful. I've been "cake"ing the entire year.

Godbro assigned me my job at his church wedding too. Now im wondering what to wear. Finally a chance to dress yup (:

Yesternight also marked 1 month of jogging with lil' sister. Woah.

Anyways, chilled by Faith's pool today. Too tired to narrate all the things that went wrong. Haha.

It's finally the weekends. But I've a dozen of things to do :( Tired.

Inspiration for Saedah's bf bday card was found while shopping with Angele at MadewithLove today. Will post up the final artwork by this month.
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Reney -> i remb u taming moosie for me 2 years back :(

Angele -> bursting yet im still shopping. haa. anyway, tell jerrome not to creep up on me next time. That pervert!

David -> hahaha. sigh. now i can focus on my last hamster (bought only this year!). its name also happen to be moosey. moosey with a Y. haha.