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Friday, October 26, 2007

Lust! Caution

Did you hear???

Uncut version (rated R21) is coming soon!! (:

I'm 21 I'm 21 I'm 21!!!!!!!! *beams*

I meant to say its my 1st LEGAL R21 movie. O_o
Don't laugh!

Melly -> ya, i need a new camera..cause mine's spoilllllling :( that sounded super broken english. going for dine's 21st?

Angele -> so that was the company! i think the people there are very approachable! plus i saw many cute guys there. haha.

Shu -> awwwww...i knew you had some school-related-stuff on. we'll catch up soon ya (: ya, i like Lumix, thats why i've more or less decided on sticking with Panasonic. Bad news is that im bad with gadgets yet i dont want just a starter kit. HAHA. like you know, the mentality of "i'll figure it out someday". And if i buy it for $749 this year, and next year it'll be $49o. Heartache ahhhhh....