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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Meaning of Halloween?

Been using the LC33 for years, ever since digital cameras became a hit. Am considering the FZ19 (black)..or should i get Olympus / Canon / Nikon with the budget of $800? Not looking for any specific characteristics in my new toy, but my current toy is about to spoil and i read about this camera in digital life yesterday.
Do you know alot about manual/digital cameras? I need your input.

TK, Robbie, Faith, Amber.
Didnt get a chance to take photos of the other guests, namely, Jenalyn. Weiqi, Desmond, Junyong and gang.

Sunday was poolside party at Faith's place. A big thankyou to Chris and Luke who showed up for it. I've no other friends. Really goes to prove Faith is 'little miss popular'. Haha.
Someone taught me how to play mahjong, but apparently he's the one playing for me. Haha. And i caused him to lose double O_o
My shipment from USA arrived! More scrapbook supplies (: I hope my interest dont die out man.
And tmr, wonder if i'll get shortlisted for the survey. $80 for 2hr discussion leh. Woooot! :b
Will be sleeping over at Godma's place this week. Since Godbro and wife is honeymooning, and i dont want Godma to be lonely. Thats the problem with having one child and your husband not being around :(