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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Xmas edition

Tmr im going for [Signed, Sealed, Delivered 3] at Madwithlove (:
A pity nobody's companying me to this class. Full class, i hope i get some attention from Angelina teacher. Haha.
Busted $67.60 at Scrapbookingcove. But its all worth it. Thats why i said i need a sugar daddy. Not sugarcane my dear Naz :b Aiya, what to do, Shuyun dont miss us..haha.
Family holiday to Thailand has been booked. 11-15th December. Awesomeeeeee!! I'm flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hi strangers, hi strangers.
Jerr -> not fair! :( i want my balls.
Melly -> i'll call my puppy moosie too. haha. meatballsssss...dont make me hungry. Ahem, my psp is rotting away in the packaging. I doubt i'll've the time to play till next year. Double yucks to stress and school. Brazilian and shopping please!!!!!!!!!! Why your exams so early one :( yea, remind me im getting broke too. And im not even buying clothes la.
Angele -> hahaha, i couldnt stand it. so i caught it online too! (: damn damn damn funny la..can u tell its totally my kind of movie. HAHA.
Naz -> replied you above.