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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

2nd day at work.

Waking up at 7am isnt much of a problem since the toothache is causing me sleepless nights.

7.45am squeeze with working crowd on bus/train. i hate it when their hair and butt touches me. I mean, buzz off!! I don't need to feel your ass crack against my arms. Wait for the next train right!

8.30am arrive.
8.45am HR department sharing/briefing.
9am-1pm work.

Work: sorting out 600 casual labour info for new payroll system, some typing, phone calls.

Meanwhile, pastries will arrive, jokes/instructions flying across the department. Boss looking for claims, colleagues looking for participants (upcoming HSA sports meet), workers walking in and out.

1pm lunch at RC tuckshop. amazed with the variety of free food/drinks. Am appreciative because i dont need to spend a cent.

To access the washrooms, you need the pass. Security is pretty tight.

I need my nametag, access card and blazor with me at all times. 5 star hotel, expected.

2-6.30pm work. By then, i would've yawned at least 50 times already.

Colleagues're friendly. I'm the 2nd youngest there. They call me and the other 20 year old girl "xiao-mei". My HR manager whom im working directly under, is really nice and friendly to me. Maybe because i have yet to make any boo-boos. Environment, so far so good. Hopefully will get to lunch with Charlotte sometime, she's a guest relation officer there (:

Overall, work is good. But i'm tired. Every minute. 12 hours delicated to work. Crazy or what.

TIRING!!!! :(

Mum: "wow, thats the way you should dress to work!"
Hestitates, takes a look at my bum.
Mum "but you don't have pi_gu ah!"
Dad: laughs


By the way, i dropped my handphone (again). I forsee that you might need to send me your contacts after i get it repaired this weekend. I don't back up contacts. Sigh. Using a spare hp for now. Iphone, can't wait.