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Friday, August 15, 2008

Do Not Disturb

Was rushing deadline cause new payroll system starts tmr.

Kinda enjoyed the feeling because time passed damn quickly.


Lunch was lovely today. Colleagues're friendly. Director keeps smiling at me, so its kinda nice when everyone treats each other this way.

Long line of walk-in interviewees today, had to settle their application as well. Was an eventful day.

TGIF tmr!! (:


As usual, the toothache killed me last night. I was in pain, crying out to God.

I'm gonna cherish this weekend because i've tons of things to do.


Dine hard at work (MwL lab).

She's artistic and a perfectionist.
I won't deny that cause im actually very proud of my babe!

Her artwork was better, more thoughts put into it i would say.

Suddenly i'm no longer that meticulous after attending 7 card-series.

But having 4 students for today's class was good (:

And i'm surprise Marcus the in-house chef remembered i like having the mash potato sausage dish with red chilli. Sweet!

National Day.

Spectacular view from my window (:

The theme song for this year is more romantic to me than patriotic.
Especially the Nat Ho segment.
I love the concept of the shoes and disability and accepting the girl for who she is.

Jerr -> welcome me! (:

Sa'edah -> i rather overwork than be left alone with nothing to do. haha. workaholic me!

Kimmy -> ya, havent even get 1st salary wanna cab to work?! haha, i might leave my wallet at home since there's no need to spend at all!