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Monday, August 25, 2008

I love my job

Dinner and Dance 2008 was awesome.
Everyone was game-on in dressing up with the pirates theme.
Widespread of choices for the buffet.
Service was 5 stars no doubt.
Performances was entertaining. Hot too.

Photos will only be up on my blog if i manage to grab it from the camera men..i presume they'll upload into our shared company folder someday..

Meanwhile, just enjoy Gary's 22th (:


I didnt sleep well last night because the whole setting up a business store was running wild in my much work to do!

Naz -> YOU and ME, we need to catch up. haha. i think there's a reason why the company is not branching out to "mr bean" that sorta biz..hmm..but they do make shitloads huh! haha.

Sa'edah -> darling!! the hotel is keeping me so busy (and happy) i have no energy to "play" after work or during the weekends. BUT i promise we'll meet next month for movie and bugis noodles(:

Melly -> boohoo..i know, i miss you girlies too. i need some tight group hug. you've no idea what i am going through more work..maybe friday night we go for supper near our place? grab dine along (: